The South Street Seaport | 19 Fulton Street Suite 308B | New York, NY 10038 | 212.732.1897

INVESTIGATIVE CASE STUDY: SEAL Security’s Investigative Division was tasked with finding and serving the defendant in a civil suit. The lawsuit had been stalled for over a year because the defendant could not be located..  [MORE]…


SPOTLIGHT ON: OUR GLOBAL REACH: SilverSEAL has provided a wide range of security services for our clients doing business in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Israel, and… [MORE]…


The South Street Seaport
19 Fulton Street 3rd Fl.
New York, New York 10038
PHONE: 212.732.1897
FAX: 212.732.2017